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January 10, 2017

Let the festivities begin!

Today's the day I officially turn 25. I always thought of it to be strange that when the new year comes around, it literally means I get an entire year older. Also, having a birthday during this time of the year isn't so fun because the best parties are all in December when everyone's just so ready to be done with the year.

December is the best time to go all out! All the savings you've collected over the year, means you can now do a little extra spending. It's the time of the year when you show that you're successful and independent by rewarding your friends and family with Christmas gifts.

January is the best time of the year to start saving and to start being a little more sober and serious. It's the 'Monday' of the months. The weekend is over - it's back to work and back to school.

Restarting my PhD is daunting especially since I've started a side craft business while I was on break. I started my business with the idea that it would hopefully motivated me to maintain a creative side. With this etsy shop, I have every reason to work on creating beautiful hair pieces and actually have physical finished products - which I must say is very fulfilling!

Since I starting learning about stem cells during my undergraduate study, I had become rather obsessed to the point where I (sadly) felt I didn't need any social activities including proper sleep and recreation. I really loved what I was doing and the more time I spent on learning about stem cells, the more I felt committed to it as I've already spent all this time working on it. It was as though everything I've worked for in my life rested upon this career path.

Which honestly is an emotional trap. It isn't true that having a social life will kill my career, nor getting the rest I need to be able to work properly. I was a machine and I admired that aspect of myself. Until I burnt out, left exhausted physically and mentally. Forced to give in, that I realised I was being foolish.

I do hope though I would continue to have this burning passion to improve lives through stem cell research but this time with more focus on myself and my needs. I mean, wouldn't it be a waste of my knowledge if I didn't take care of myself? Would be a loss to the world. ;)

Not overrated,
Rachel W.

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