Progamming Newbie Challenges Part 1

November 12, 2017

On my way home from spending all my monies today, I had an idea that would require some sort of programming skill.

The way I have self-taught certain programming languages such as HTML, CSS, python (basic!) is through searching for elements that I have in mind. For example, I learnt how to design webpages by taking apart HTML codes and reconfiguring every element until I am fully satisfied.

Funnily, (I just realised as I am writing this) this is similar to tissue engineering which involves taking apart an organ till its exoskeleton/scaffold is left and then seed it with patient's cells!

Well, this is how I have grown with HTML since I was a young skinny teenager.

I am trying to learn python and C using the same methods but these languages are definitely harder than I had anticipated. I've attended a full week intensive course provided by my university but only learnt the very basics in terms of data processing for scientific research.

So, I am back to googling exactly my idea and looking for an exoskeleton to hack.

Sadly, it is difficult. Often, I don't even know the correct terminology so searching is already a challenge on its own. Deciphering the language is another challenge. Times like this I wish I worked in a company where if I needed to bring an idea to life with programming, I could just poke a neighbour.

"Hey, buddy! Froyo is on me. Help me out with this."

Electronics and hardware require learning from the basics too. (I'll admit I shamefully googled "which pin on circuit playground for LEDs" - FYI, google took me to the adafruit page on Circuit Playground 101 where I had to learn about PWM)

Well, looks like I have way too many books to read (on top of my research papers)!

Okay, time for some dark chocolate to calm me down before bed. Toodles!

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