Hellooo! I'm alive!

March 06, 2018

Hey hey hey!
*high pitched and overenthusiastic*

I have been super "missing-in-action" since the start of 2018! I am so so busy writing up a thesis and preparing (yes studying boohoo 😭) for my MPhil examination.

I am soooo excited today because I literally just completed my MPhil/PhD project presentation and it is such a big relieve to get that out of the way - whoop! I did skip out of the lecture theatre and did a happy dance 😊

I have so many things lined for me once my thesis and exams are out of the way (I'm still writing my thesissisisisis) - includes Maker Faire UK, Dublin Hackaday Unconference and many more! I'm super super excited. Ahhhhhh. This starts from April onwards so brace yourselves!

On top of that, I also have quite a few wearable fashion tech projects lined up so this means more sparkly and lights! I'm really channeling the japanese fashion so the theme of my outfits this year will be more rainbows or known as "party kei".

I'm also looking for a part time job because I'm planning a holiday to Japan and as we all know, Japan isn't exactly a cheap place to go to, but at the same time I want to be prepared with enough finances so I don't feel stressed about being so tight when I'm there. Yes, I've started to sell like half my wardrobe! πŸ˜‚I'm also looking for comfortable cheap themed hostels to stay at for the experience - I know of a "library/bookshop" hostel where you kinda live in a hidden bookshelf! So cool, right? 😱

I've been to Japan twice before (like 10 years ago???!?!) and I love the place so much. I love their food, their fashion and mostly their DISNEYLAND! πŸ’–Definitely going back to Disneyland to eat all their cute food! Ah. I love food. 😍

I am also really hoping to be able to visit Sanrio Puroland as I absolutely adore Sanrio and Hello Kitty! Though I heard it's a little bit far out from Tokyo. If anyone has been and has a plan of action on how they got there from Tokyo, I would super duper appreciate any advice!

I am also selling some electronics so check out my tweets and keep an eye on some super cool bargains. The electronics I've selling are very likely new because I probably have a duplicate or it's no longer a part of a project I plan to do! πŸ˜‰

EXCITING NEWS ++++ I have a tutorial in MAKE: Magazine print for April/May edition! GET YOURSELF A COPY (and tweet me if you know where I can get one myself lol!)

Now.... what else have I got happeningsssss?

Ah! I also want to do vlogs for Maker events ALLLL OVER THE WORLDDDD (SPONSOR ME!) and I badly need advice on starter cameras that have a good microphone and (i guess) also a good video quality. Currently using a no-brand action camera from Amazon 1080 HD - so I can basically vlog from all weathers... Just kidding! Not expecting any crazy weathers! *cue snowmageddon*

So beep boopπŸ€– more YouTube stuffs is coming up! I also have two part time jobs I've signed up for - one is remote work and the other is shopkeeping in an awesome shop (shhh i haven't had my interview wahahah *high expectations*) that is totally my vibes!🌈

I know this post is super casual - basically a long ass tweet - I  hope this text is okay? Comment or tweet if you prefer a more planned out formal-ish blog post or does this feel warmer? Tell me! Advice! Constructively criticise! Let's go!

These KIRA KIRA BEARS are featured in Make: Magazine and you can learn how to make your own light up electronic resin pieces in the tutorial!

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