Soldering kit

This page is dedicated to video tutorials for the
"Introduction to Soldering: Kitty Ears" kit

Below are the video tutorials in parts and the latest version of the booklet for download will be available shortly.

List of Materials within the kit

Additional materials required to complete project: Soldering Iron

PART 1: Wrap the cat ears with fluffy yarn
This is separated into three parts:
1a) How to start wrapping the ears with yarn on a new headband,
1b) how to start wrapping once the top part of the cat ears
1c) how to end the wrapping by tying a knot

PART 2: Wrap string of LEDs around the fluffy cat headband
After wrapping the headband with yarn, now proceed to wrap the string of LEDs around the fluffy headband

PART 3: Testing polarity and conductivity
This part of the video shows how to use crocodile clips to determine the polarity of the LEDs\

PART 4: Soldering the coin cell batteries to the string of LEDs
In this step i show how to put the heat shrink over the wires before soldering. I also position the components in place with helping hands and then solder the connections.

PART 5: Shrinking the heat shrink with heat
Please follow the images and step-by-step guide in the booklet

PART 6: Embellish your light up cat ears
Stick on the cabochon embellishments provided with your kit anyway you like but I have recommended using it to cover the cat ear holes. You may use super glue, hot glue or PVA for this step. Continue crafting with sequins or any other materials that you like!

PART 7: Show off your fashion technology project!
Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @konichiwakitty or leave a comment below - let me know how to enjoyed making this light up kitty ears!

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