May 24, 2014

An ampersand (or epershand) is a logogram "&" representing the conjunction word "and".
23rd May, 2014 Friday afternoon. I got this tattooed on my right forearm at Souls Rise in Soho, London. I've been wanting to get an ampersand for a while now. Yeah, sure it looks "cute" or "pretty" as some people have already told me, but I'd never get a tattoo unless it has a weighted meaning behind it.

An ampersand represents a broken infinity - Nothing truly lasts forever. Impermanence. So, I've been told it's a really "dark and twisty" way to see life. To be fair, it's really quite the contrary. I got the ampersand to remind me to appreciate all that I have, to live my life while I can, to see the beauty and good in every situation.

The ampersand is also commonly known as a logo for the word, "and". I love this & that. It shows continuity - I am not finished. It's not over, and that there is always something more to come. To every ending, there is a new beginning. 

I love how such a simple logo has the power to combine. PB & J. Peter & Jane. Easily reminding me to build relationships - communicate. I think it's too easy to just be comfortable with your own silence, to be alone doing whatever you want without a care in the world. Sure, we all have those moments where we need our "alone time" but with the usage of technology these days, it has become a convenience to slip into the virtual world and forget the ones around you. I don't want to be that. I refuse to succumb as one of those people who uses their phones while their out for a meal with company. I think it's rude and it defeats the purpose of seeing someone.

I'd say that I got this tattooed on me to celebrate a milestone in my life. I think that my third and last academic year of my bachelor's degree has profoundly changed my viewpoint on life. The people I've met, the experiences I've gained, the senses I've felt, the times I've pushed myself beyond my comfort zone - I am so thankful and appreciative for every single moment. I wish there was a way for me to share the values I've learnt with the world.

I am so proud to say that I have found my niche. I know what I want to do in life and I am so determined to pursue it. It's strangely clear that I am able to visualise where I will be 10 years down the road. I know that it's common for people my age to not know what they want to do in life - study, get a job, earn money - that's the usual protocol. I can't say that I wasn't brought up with the same mindset. But with all that has happened this year, I want to chase something I am passionate about and to live simply without the materialistic mindset. (I know how farfetched this sounds considering I am someone who loves shopping and has obviously great taste in clothes. loljk! -.-) 

It is a struggle not to want things. Pretty things. Temptation EVERYWHERE! But hey, mind over matter right? Literally, I am choosing my mind over matter. I'm learning to save for my future to further my education because I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do. Also, I guess part of growing up is being worried and a whole lot more concerned about your parents. When will I stop being a financial burden to them? When will it be my turn to give in return for everything that they've done for me? Yeah, I have this thing called guilt - it's really annoying. Mum and dad, you should be proud.

I want to help people and the best thing is, I know how I'm going to do it. It will be a tremendously slow and strenuous process (all part and parcel of being a scientist) but I will achieve it someday. When it happens, I will remain humble and thankful for I know my success will speak on its own accord when I help to revolutionise the world.

I hope you enjoyed my random rumble.

P.S. Mum, don't flip out over the tattoo. I swear my life is still very much in perspective and I am working very hard to make sure of it!!!

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