Counting up the days!

April 16, 2014

This year, I am indignant to go all out and gain new experiences.

I am truly happy.

Post-photoshoot taken on La Sardina, 35mm 100 iso film in Bulb mode.
Everything I've learned and tried has been nothing short of amazing. The realisation that there is an unlimited amount of things for me, that I am yet to try.... It's just an infinite uphill growth!

Borough Market, London.
Taken with my La Sardina with a 35mm 100 iso film (Bulb mode).
I am so so so pleased, I don't even know how to describe the current contentment that I am in.


Why the heck should i not do this or that?

What made me hesitate and refuse to try before? I must've been an idiot.

Tonight, I'm going to write in a journal about each of the new experiences I've gained and how i felt at that moment just so I can look back later on and be like "Ahhhh." as I relieve those moments through my words. :)

Multiple exposures on my La Sardina, 35mm 100 iso film (Normal mode).

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