Don't you hang up on me!

November 26, 2013

Couldn't think of more creative titles. Any suggestions?


Tonight marks one of the best nights I've had working as a student caller. Even though I only had 2 proper conversations out of 3 hours, ONE particular call made my night/day.


My first conversation was with this lovely lady who wanted to hang up on me the moment I said I was calling from Imperial. Yeah... she did sound quite mean and scary at the start when she said,

"I don't have the time to talk to you and I don't wish to contribute anything. Bye now....." 

and I went

"NO! WAIT! I really really wanted to talk to you because you did Biochemistry too! And I wanted to know what people with a biochemistry degree do after they graduate! I'm a biochem student too! We don't have to talk about money at all! So PLEASE talk to me!" 

*awkward silence*

I suppose I did sound pretty desperate there. But I just spent a whole hour dialling numbers to no avail and I was pretty desperate.

Well, she was very pleased to give me advice on choosing careers and told me that I could call her back anytime to talk about careers which was pretty damn awesome :)


My second call was rather strange.....

I spoke to this guy who did materials engineering and told me he hated it and he was pretty sure he hated it by the time he did his second year which made him choose the insurance sector which he totally loves and has no regrets!

He highly encouraged me to ditch the sciences as well for something that pays better. He said,

"You don't want to be stuck in a laboratory all day, Amy! Go out and see the world!"

Also, he sounded pretty high. (explains why he called me Amy?!?!?!?!?)

So he was just generally really fun to talk to :)
P.S. we bitched about Imperial school fees and the difficult education system. I'd daresay we were BFFs by the end of the call.


Last but not least, this final call that really really made my day. I wish that everyone could get the chance to hear it. I just literally burst out laughing so hard and spent the whole night grinning because of this one phone call - which I called thrice.

What I describe here cannot possible match up to what I heard.

It was a recorded voicemail. Yes, I never even got the chance to speak with the actual guy. Though I really wish I did!!!!! But the voicemail was the most EPIC voicemail of all time! It was personalised and recorded by him! It starts with....

*Star Wars theme music plays* 


I WISH I RECORDED THAT!!!!!!! The voice! He made this really rustic voice trying to sound all darth vader-ish!

Yeahhhh... I'll leave you to imagine me spazzing out right after I heard that voicemail. :)))))

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