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November 24, 2013

I used to look at these pictures in a different light. It used to make me feel like "Wow. There are really kind people in this world! Faith in humanity restored! People should do this more often." I just sat behind a desk staring at these pictures via the internet. Just looked and them, feel sorry, feel glad that there are people helping, and just simply commenting.

When I look at pictures of food being distributed to the poor, people buying a hot drink or offering a sandwich to a homeless guy, helping the elderly across the street, down the stairs, stopping to control traffic, helping to carry groceries - all that, I can do, too - and I have.

Not so hopeless anymore, eh? ;)

Soup Run.

I am fortunate enough to have the experience of being one of those people in the pictures. Being the one that restores "faith in humanity".

What we do - a group of us travels in a mini van to Lincoln's Inn to distribute food to the homeless. When we arrived, a group of people just huddled around the van (some were even pushing) - to get to the front. I admit, being brought up in an environment where I was sheltered and warned not to eat street food, this was quite a terrifying experience to me (at first). 

I was never one who would approach or liked the idea of homeless people. I'm one who is afraid to eat at night markets, sit on dirty stools, touch table surfaces or even use cutlery lying on the table without wiping it down first for fear of contracting diseases and food poisoning. (Yeah, I know - can be quite a nuisance) So, you pretty much get the idea of how I try to avoid a lot of things.

Hanging out with my friends, I learned to be more laid back and just sit by the roadside/drain to enjoy a burger. (But i still do try to cover the stool with tissue before sitting if i'm wearing shorts - my bad!) Little by little gaining exposure - learning not to be afraid. 

The soup run definitely helped made me realise that my perception of the homeless was wrong. They're not bad people that should be avoided. They need help or perhaps a platform to motivate them or boost them to get back on their feet. In fact, I realised a lot of them were really old. They looked like they should be taken care of - by a family member, their children or grandchildren.

But anyway, my point is - everyone can be the person who helps. It reeeeeally doesn't take too much effort! I must say, that I really enjoyed myself making new friends as well (besides the liberating feeling of putting a smile on someone's face and seeing how thankful they are for your help). Win-win situation! So get off that lazy ass and sign up for a cause - anything, just help someone, make a life better. :)

And I will volunteer and help whenever I can - because I know, I can.

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