Blessed & Thankful

July 18, 2014

I am truly lucky. Everything I've ever wanted, I've received and achieved. (Sorry massive corny and cheesy post alert!!!)

I love moments like this. Where I sit back and reflect on my life (a.k.a. stop to smell le roses) - realising how far I've come. Taking note of all the kind people I've met who have helped me accomplish so much! The amazing people I've got to know who nurtured my mind and boosted my experiences.

I never imagined myself trekking through gushing rivers and hiking the French Alps!
Thinking about my experiences, it makes me wonder... WHY did I not feel any of this in my first two years of uni? What did I do differently this year? Have I changed? Did I suddenly "wake up" realising that there is so much more to life and only started chasing more meaningful things this year?

I now do things asking myself, 
"Why not?" instead of "Why should I?" 
because... Why not?

FYI, I don't run. So my first ever 5KM run was pretty damn fun since I'm basically covered in neon stuff.
There are some people I wish I spent more time with or met earlier on in my education... Nevertheless, we had an amazing time together!!!


And oh my god the Cat Cafe!!!!! (I was never really a huge fan of cats, I'm more a dog person until I went to the cat cafe!) You just want to rub every one of their bellies. SO MUCH CHUBS.

This picture is so cute. I can't even.
There are also people you meet whom you get along instantly and become like major BFFs for the love of EDM - like where have you guys been all my life!!!

EDC was my first ever music festival. It was at least 14 hours long and I swear I thought I would end up breaking down halfway and crying, begging for someone to take me home. But I sure went hard and didn't go home (lol! Inappropriate bahahaha!). To be perfectly honest,  if I were invited to EDC say last year or two years ago, I would've probably said no...

Reflecting on all that has happened, I really like who I've become. Humbled by experiences, moulded by inspiration to constantly improve and always thankful for even the littlest of things. If there is an opportunity for me to improve myself, I would not hesitate to take it on. Not anymore!


I don't even know where to start my list of all the great people to be thankful for.

My amazing referees whom I have no clue how they patiently filled out my million and one applications (not forgetting with kind words too!).

I especially love people whom just want to help and are so generous with their knowledge. It is literally so so life-changing! My summer placement involves me running to and fro between two universities; Imperial College and King's College. Both of which are willing to provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare me for my career in Stem Cell research.

I want to help out so much, to give back for what they're giving me. I want to contribute and maybe increase efficiency in the labs - just do enough to make an impact to repay for the skills I'm being taught. All this generosity really inspires me to want to spread the knowledge and kindness. My PI literally told me that whenever I am available, just drop by to learn a set of skills which she believes will be very useful to my future in research. I just want to hug her!

Not forgetting my awesome friends!!! Who taught me so much just by talking and helping me to understand all the different cultures and see the world from different perspectives. Understanding that different people have different stands on certain things which I find truly admirable. Been so supportive and encouraging through all my efforts, plus checking up on my progress every once in a while. My friends are like my family in the UK. You know you can always count on them. Whaaaaaat more could I possibly ask for???????

Also, mummy and daddy who trusts me enough to know that no matter how much I party, that I've still got my life very much in perspective. ;) lol jokes, mum. Everyone knows I have no life.


I did not get everything I aimed for - you get some you lose some, but beggars can't be choosers and I did end up somewhere among the stars either way. :)

Thank you, life.
Whoop whoop!

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