20 facts about me

September 11, 2014

I was tagged by Charmaine to do this "20 facts" and I thought it's too long to post on Instagram or as a Facebook status.

So, here are the 20 juicy facts that is enough for you to know me, but not enough to get close ;) haaaaah!

1. I love life. What is there not to love? I think life is fair. You win some, you lose some.

"Life is full of little pleasures"

2. I am passionate about and inspired by the work that I do. (Currently working in a lab funded by Cancer Research UK involving bone marrow extraction. My aim is to test the effectiveness of a blocking signal to prevent bone marrow cell death and ultimately increase bone marrow transplant in leukemic patients.)

3. I've graduated in Biochemistry at Imperial College and am now pursuing a Masters in Stem Cell Research. I am going to be a scientist! Whoop!

4. I think this 20 facts is A LOT and it's not easy.... -_-

5. I yearn to learn more and more and never stop learning till my last day.

There are so many ways to learn. Learning is not limited to the words on a page.

6. I have always been a lucky child but only recently, I've learnt to thank my lucky stars and count my blessings. It's increased my happiness.

7. Emotions? Runnnnnnnnnnn. I think (heavy) emotions are tricky. I don't like conversations that feels like it is putting too much pressure on the relationship/friendship. It's just... too much? I can't deal.

8. I believe in being happy and thinking positive thoughts even when it's raining every freaking day in London. Your thoughts play a very important role in influencing your mood. It isn't how someone or something affects your mood, but rather how you perceive that situation. If you assume the worst, how can your mind be at peace? Overthinking kills. Shut. It. Out.

Can i get an "amen"????!

9. I can't watch a "romance" movie without at some point dying of laughter. Too much cheese, not enough pizza!

10. I like Hello Kitty!!!!!! If you didn't already know that, you just got to know me.

soft toys
oven mitts
tea towels
ear phone tidy
food container
more soft toys!

11. My perspective of life has changed. I look up to people who pursue their passions and have great ambitions. Strong work ethics and the motivation to succeed. To have no aim in life but to chase money and material is not attractive in my opinion.

"Chase your passions and money will come. Chase money and you may never find your passions." - Colin Wright

12. I LOVE PINKKKKKK!!!! PINK IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR! Possibly the first thing everyone knows about me. Pink is meeee!!!

This room. I don't know many people who can stay in a room this pink! But this is my destiny!

13. I will be taking French classes this term and I am excited to start! Bonjour!

"It's hard to be cool" - this picture was not chosen intentionally ;)

14. I have two tattoos and I'm getting a third soon.

15. I have dyed my hair many shades of brown, red, violet, and am currently yellow/blonde.

16. I love baking! It's kinda like running experiments in the lab where I add a little of this and that. I make wonderful pies!

17. Bad manners and loud people annoy me unfortunately (super bad pet peeve). I wince whenever I hear a person booming instead of speaking. Say it, don't scream it!

18. I think my best feature is my smile. I love my smile and I love to smile!

19. I amuse myself and secretly am very proud of my own jokes. Ngeheheh. I think it's important to be able to make yourself happy (I'm sure you have your own ways!). Well, my friends think it's absolutely ridiculous when I laugh at my own jokes but if you can make yourself laugh, I think you've conquered half of Mount Happiness.

20. Loyalty is one of my strongest traits. I know what it feels like to be betrayed and that is not a position i would put any person i care about in. Neither should you!

And that's 20 facts about yours truly!
(Phew that's one long post!)

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