Rise Above

July 29, 2013

To not be bothered and to not react irrationally.
To not stoop to their level and inflict pain back onto others.
Let karma work its way. It may take time, but it will work its way.
Most importantly, to rise above and show that you are much better than they think you are.

Obviously, much harder said than done.
I need to remind myself why i need to do this.
Why it will benefit me overall in the future.
Revoke people of their chance to say anything bad once i prove myself.


I started a journal. To note the things that make me happy and the things that make me unhappy.
Even the littlest thing that made me smile. We often tend to overlook the little things. Not this time, not me. I intend to pay attention to the details and for once, actually stop to smell the roses.

Noting down the unhappy things as a form of release.
Once i'm done writing it down, that's it. Never to be thought of again. It's in the past.

The happy thoughts on the other hand, i can relieve again and again whenever i'm feeling down.
Reread the moments, recall them and smile about it.

It needn't be a detailed description. Just something simple like, "I enjoy making people laugh".
Something i only discovered a few days ago. When i'm with my friends, i like to put in the effort to think of something witty to say. It honestly feels effortless when i'm talking to people i'm comfortable with. But i'm pretty sure somewhere, my mind scrambled around for something humorous to say.

Strangely, thinking back, i can't quite recall what I said. But remembering the moment that I said something that made us all laugh. Remembering the happy faces. It makes me happy.

It can be lame, it can be a stupid joke, it might not even make any sense, but it makes people laugh in a good way. That makes me genuinely happy. Knowing the right words to say, being able to connect to the right frequency and generating joy. I'm not sure if you understand it from my point of view - or it might come off as me being a rather strange individual - it's what I know i enjoy doing.

Think about it. What makes you happy? What made you happy today? Having a conversation with a sibling? Having a meal? Taking a stroll in the park while enjoying the landscape?

This cute guy put a smile on my face. I hope he/she makes you smile too :)

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