Customized Dishware with Edding

April 29, 2017

Hello! Today I'm going to talk about a little art project I finished last night - I'm super excited!

Edding porcelain brushpens in 3 different shades. I purchased the white mugs from Poundworld - they are dishwasher and microwave friendly ;)
Yes, I obsessively glued myself to the project for 3 hours and completely forgot about dinner. My therapist would highly disapprove (I can imagine the old turkish lady wagging her finger and shaking her head at me).

I received 3 sets of the new Edding 4200 Porcelain Brushpens and had so much fun drawing on ceramic mugs. Evidence below:

Total of 18 pens from 3 different shades. There were some repeats in colour.
It's difficult to find the right type of paint for yellow as the pigment rarely stays opaque on non-porous surfaces. I was super happy that the edding porcelain markers allow layering.

Once the first layer that you've drawn on dries, simply draw on another layer and this increases the pigment of the colour, making it more opaque!

As you can see (ignore the reflection!) the yellow pigment comes out really dark on both the letters and Pacman.

A Pacman-inspired mug. I added a few twists like eyebrows and a bow!

Eeep! Someone's gonna get eaten!
When using two colours side by side, always draw the lighter colour first followed by the darker colour. Should you wish to overlap the lighter colour over the dark, simply apply pressure to the brush and sweep the layer of darker pigment. This essentially scrapes the darker shade.

Everybody loves rainbows! The Pacman crosses under the mug handle. Whee

Done! All good to go into the oven.
If your brush is getting stained by another colour, simply scribble onto a piece of paper until you see the original colour remaining.

To clean any mistakes, I used antiseptic wipes from Boots. These wipes should be easy to find in any drugstore. The reason I used antiseptic wipes is because it contains alcohol which easily cleans permanent markers. Make up removing wipes may have the same effect though I've not tried it!

After carefully drawing, I allowed the ink to dry and drew on top of the first layer. Allowed it to dry again for about 15 minutes, and then popped it into the oven at 160 degrees for 25 minutes. I left the mug to cool overnight in the oven.

It's hot in here! But not too hot, only 160 degrees!
If any of the ink comes in contact with your skin, it washes off incredibly easy with just some hand soap and water. No scrubbing necessary.

I will be posting this mug as a gift and have requested that the mug be used for non-consuming purposes as I have applied ink to areas where normal usage of a mug would mean contact with the mouth - just to be safe!

To test out its dishwashing ability, I will be drawing on another mug which I will use for hot drinks. Stay tuned!

Stay colourful,
Rachel W.

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