And i made it through it all!

April 25, 2013

Hello there! It's been a whileeeee... *cracks fingers*

How are you? I'm doing very well. I feel good, i feel content, i feel healthy!

I feel so fresh, IT'S DOPE!

I had an awesome easter break to take my mind off from the emotional and mental stress I was going through and stuffed myself with mussels, french fries and chocolates. I literally had 3 hot chocolates a day from various chocolate shops. So comforting :)

I went a little crazy at some point... I admit.

But through it, i realised a couple of things. Everything happens for a reason. And if you couldn't be understanding of the way I coped with the hardship, there was no need for you to talk behind my back and act like you knew everything that was going on. Come to me, talk to me about it. If you can so boldly talk about it behind my back, why shy away when you could've gotten the answer directly? But like I said, i guess this happened for me to realise the type of person that you are - not someone I'm interested in having as a friend...

It saddens me to see that when I'm unhappy, there a ton of people who would rather talk shit than be the support that you need. During that period of time, I discovered the people who would always be there for me no matter how terrible I am at staying in touch with them. I love and appreciate you guys so so much!

Been trying hard to catch up with lectures and trying to study ahead as I've been doing miserably in my degree. Why is it so goddamn hard?? Trying to keep a level head and stay sane throughout uni life is incredibly difficult at this rate.. but i've been feeling so positive! if anyone were to kill my vibe, i'd have to smack the shit out of you.

And the SUNNNN!!! THE BRIGHT SUNNY DAYS!!! Gone are the dull gloomy days~!

So, I've also started exercising and eating healthy. Which is why i feel fresh, healthy and a whole lot more positive! I swear exercise makes me feel so pumped and motivated like I could do anything. I'm pleased with where my life is currently heading eventho it has it's downs and I've screwed up quite a bit along the way. I'm just glad i'm trying to make the best out of everything right now. :) xo

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