Rearranging My Priorities

October 28, 2012

I'm gonna be completely direct here and say, I care about people a lot.

I care about sick people, i care about old people, i tend to feel compassionate and sympathy a lot. So show me a video of dying children, chances are I'll donate.

Which is probably why my priorities are pretty much screwed up. I put the people i care about and love ahead of a lot of things. The bad thing about this is that, I expect the people I love to do the same for me.

Tonight, I'm rearranging my priorities as I realize that i'm not that important to the one I loved. He doesn't wander where I am, what I do or where I go. Well, not anymore I guess. I know when I'm not wanted or thought of.
So I guess it's probably what you want of me too.

To put my phone on silent and forget you.
It's not going to be easy for me but maybe it's something I have to do.

My intentions are not to hurt you back for what you've done to me.
But every time you do something hurtful, you remind me why we're here and it just makes me want to move on faster.

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