Here's to zero one five

December 31, 2014

"Every year from now will past faster than the year before" - It has definitely felt this way since the start of 2013 for me. Time is so precious.

With every passing year, I look back and reflect - I know that I have grown, I have changed, and my mindset is different. Some years I feel like I had to put more effort trying to look for joy in simple pleasures. Other years it was easier - like they presented themselves and all you had to do was breathe. 2014 was one of those years.

This year, I feel so awake. I feel in tuned with who I am and everything that I did felt right. Like a flower in full bloom with all its glory, beaming at the beautiful sun, standing tall and reaching towards the sky. Do you know how that feels? Is this part of growing older?

Every new year is a year older for me. I'll be twenty-three in ten days. Is age just a number? Because I don't want to be 23 and still have the mindset of an 18 year old. 2015 looks intimidating. The first few months will be madness, but if I can brave through that hurricane of a workload, the fulfilment after, is bliss.

On this new year's eve, I am alone. But. I am not lonely. I am content and relaxed. I have achieved all that I have wanted and surprisingly, received a lot more too. Can someone tell me, is this all part of growing up? My parents are happy and content because they've met all their life goals - I'm definitely not even close but I'm sure i've got my foot on the right path.

I can't wait to continue this beautiful journey towards achieving my wildest dreams. I am thankful for this opportunity to work for it. In 2015, I choose to maintain these 3 simple resolutions:

Be kind
Work hard
Be humble

A very blessed 2015 to everyone. 
2014 has been a tough year with a lot of misfortunes happening throughout the world. With all my heart, I hope 2015 will be a great new beginning with lots of opportunities to be grateful for. Always appreciate all that you have around you. Love the ones that love you. Remember that all is impermanent - nothing lasts forever. But with every ending, there is a new beginning, a new page to turn, a new story to write. Make each story a beautiful one. x

"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend" - Theophrastus

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